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20 Jul 2010

sorry for being gross, but

I might vomit from being so nervous. my career, my future, my life depends on this one stupid email or letter or however I will find out. apparently some girl already found out she was accepted to the teaching program. I need to know…now would be good.


26 Jun 2010




We’re very creative in NYC, I hear.


18 Apr 2010

i have decided to join the majority of the blogging community with blogspot.  I won’t close this down, but I doubt I’ll be adding anything super interesting. 

11 Apr 2010

this weekend has been

FANTASTIC! :) i wish i could feel this happy and have such an amazing time every weekend, every day.  

Friday: went on an easter egg hunt, got cotton candy and won fish (Nickel and Penny). Then met up with Jen and her friend and went to aggie ice cream with keith and sammy. Then alexis and i went and colored chalk on campus. then we napped, played band hero, cleaned the sink at Angie’s, and more band hero, and attempted to go on a ghost hunt.

Saturday: went to mcdonalds and got a kids meal, mainly so we all have pet dragons. then we went to the epic pie fight! and then we just chilled and such, and then katie and i went to walmart, ran into tyler and cody and partied with them the rest of the night.

sunday: went to kenzie’s farewell, and the primary kids sang! :) it’s perfect weather outside! and we are going to bear lake!!! so excited!


10 Apr 2010

fantastic fridays

just rock. i woke up after falling asleep before midnight, had happy texts waiting for me. went to work, got off early to hunt for eggs…and found one filled with candy, got free dr pepper. then studied and did decent on a hard test. ate lunch with sammy, got cotton candy and won a fish (Nickel). King Niko is an awesome legit band! then met jen and got aggie ice cream and SQUEAKY CHEESE with her. we then chilled with our neighbors, took way too long naps, ate at the marketplace. band hero was played to a high amount, and we cleaned the sink at Angie’s (we as in me, sammy, lindsay, sarah, keith, kent, and nathan). so good. then we played more band hero, went on a ghost hunt but chickened out, and now im just chilling. sooooo happy and good. :)

8 Apr 2010

well to catch up

there’s a lot to say. I’ve been a pretty busy person.  two weekends ago i went to ogden and volunteered at the special olympics.  It was a great time, and I’m sad I wasn’t able to help more.  I also actually enjoyed the time i spent with Jen, and she didnt even get on my nerves once!

this past weekend was general conference and easter sunday.  i went with my friend cielle down to south weber, where she lives, and spent the weekend there.  We went to the “conference dance” in downtown salt lake and it was lamer than high school homecoming. no joke. but it was fun and the lights were cool and the dj was great.  i love general conference. something i have recently discovered but i really love it.  i felt like so much of it was directed at me.

8 Apr 2010

well i updated this like a week ago but apparently it didnt save. i dont really remember what i said but i do know im excited for the new hold steady album! :)

sometimes, it’s way good that im more talk than action. that’s all ill say for now.

28 Mar 2010

spring fever

has it, both mentally and physically. ive spent wednesday to the current sick with a typical cold: sore throat, laziness, loss of appetite, headaches, stuffy nose, and loss of voice. aka im crap. boo.

but this past week was exciting! i cant remember when i last posted so oh well. arizona was okay, the sun was the best part. i have pictures on facebook. flyign first class isnt very exciting at all, except for the snacks.

sunday night (a week ago) katie and i went to the SigEp house and played Bang, and then we went to doughnuts…homemade doughnuts. delicious. tyler tolson, asusu president gave me a hug. win! monday night, katie, me, larry, and kevin got pizza/cinnastix/lava cakes and went up in the canyon to eat and just talk. good classic night! :) the rest of the days have been long and normal.

this weekend. friday: made brownies and ordered pizza with alexis and met a lot of her friends. went to the pike house whiteout party with keith and alexis for two hours. it was pretty fun but a little awkward. checking off frat experience… then alexis and i went with katie and a lot of a-team members to see how to train your dragon. SO GOOD. go see it right now. its super happy and has awesome music! saturday, i went down to roy and chilled, and then jen and i volunteered for an hour at the special olympics. an awesome little boy gave me a hug, and made my day! :) then we watched a movie and i went to sleep at grandmas. i still had a cold so i just went to sacrament meeting. then we had dinner and i came back up. whooo logan. 

on a good note, tomorrow’s high is 60 degrees!! :)

22 Mar 2010

i love ok go. and this is epic.


This is like the ultimate version of mouse trap!!


OK Go, This Too Shall Pass

Trippy music video Rishi showed me. Why do they always have good ones???

20 Mar 2010

another new thing?

being hit on in a bar. by a very old man. with my dad on my left and brother on my right. weird, right? apparently girls cant eat a dozen wings. it’s not like wings are big or anything. so dumb.

we saw pablo francisco tonight at the improve tempe. it was good, and some was way awkward. that’s all i have to say.

i love the sun, and having a dog around.

19 Mar 2010

new things

are scary and weird but full of possibility. flying first class is not as exciting as i thought, but i got to drink out of a real cup and board first and get off first. arizona is good, very warm which is great but awkward. i dont know what to think. that is all.

i love spring break!

13 Mar 2010


this is a terrible start to spring break. its fucking snowing. im still in logan and saturday is almost over. i hate that people cant be on time and realize that i dont want to be here anymore. we had a lot of stuff to do today and i doubt its going to happen.

also, my mom just called about flights for going home and coming back. i HATE that my family is so broken. if people wonder why i “hate” my family, thats not true, i just hate all the arguements and how broken it is. Its not my fault at all that my parents are divorced. its not my fault they cant say once nice thing to each other. its not my fault my sister and dad dont have any relationship at all. i feel like im stuck in the middle and both my parents want me to side with them and its just not fair. none of it is my fault and the only thing i try to do is maintain a positive relationship with both of them. 

im so sick and tired of this.

13 Mar 2010

“get me out of Logan!!”

11 Mar 2010

tickets @ http://www.motioncitysoundtrack.com/tour
I LOVE MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK AND FUN.!! and i like rocket to the moon and sing it loud! better be touring where i am…


tickets @ http://www.motioncitysoundtrack.com/tour

I LOVE MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK AND FUN.!! and i like rocket to the moon and sing it loud! better be touring where i am…

10 Mar 2010

“you’re a pocketful of awesome”
— slam poet Mike Mcgee